Heading to Super-A

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MANDAN, N.D. - The Mandan Braves boys basketball team got itself in a bit of a jam in the WDA quarterfinals, but the Braves managed to squeeze out of it and earn themselves a spot in the Class-A State Tournament with a win over Minot on Saturday.

They rely on a handful of seniors but they also rely on three sets of brothers, so they have more sibling rivalry and sibling success than any other WDA team. Head Coach Brandon Schafer said, "Sometimes it's kind of fun to listen to each other, talk to each other, you know, like there's been times where, let's say Trey Wiest would make a mistake on the floor or something, and then Jaxton would say, 'coach, I told him, I told him you said that.' Or Trae Steckler will do the same thing, and Cameron will be on the bench and just shaking his head, coach I don't know why he does that. But it's all in good fun, and they have really done a phenomenal job at just pushing each other and making each other better."

While these sets of brother have fun on the court, it helps build the unity between everyone on the team. Sophomore Jaxton Wiest explained that, "I feel like it helps the chemistry out because Trey and I have been playing together for a long time now, so like the bond out there that nobody really has."

Senior Cameron Steckler added that, "You know, it's kind of cool because we can always share stories with each other about what Trae did yesterday, or Jaxton will tell us what Trey did to him, or coach, oh I can't believe that other coach did this. We always have those funny stories to show about each other."

You can hear more about these bothers, plus Brandon and his brother, who is the assistant, tomorrow in Sports Spotlight.

On Thursday, the Mandan boys will be in Fargo to face Shanley in the first round at 4:00 CST in the state tournament.