Hazen students show off STEAM projects

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HAZEN, N.D. - Hazen High school students were channeling their inner McGyver on Friday. The school was hosting STEAM Day, which exposes them to math and science fields.

The task? Take a box of random stuff and make something useful out of it, and it had to serve more than one purpose. That's a daunting task for any adult, but these kids did not disappoint. It took every bit of creativity for Grace Zimmerman's group to impress the judges.

"To win this competition, or even have a chance, you have to have something pretty unique. But it's got to have a why behind it and so I think they liked it,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman's group came up with the Chairpack, a backpack-chair combo. The project takes 9-12 grade students at the school and makes them work together. Freshman Shane Baardson says team Chairpack relied on the seniors.

"They really kind of guided all the different grade levels; sophomores, freshman, juniors. But I think they made good leaders out of all of us,” said Baardson.

The groups created a video presentation and websites for their products, which they pitched to a panel of judges. One of the judges, State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler, says these skills will help the students down the line.

“The multitude of skills they are experiencing, the multitude of skills that they are practicing, will help them in whatever career path they choose,” said Baesler.

Zimmerman and Baardson's group had some stiff competition.

Some of the other items included a jetpack backpack and a ride along vacuum cleaner. But at the end of the day, Team Chairpack took home first place.