Hazen student shares Ridgecrest Earthquake experience

HAZEN, N.D. - New video tonight of the aftermath of the Ridgecrest Earthquake last Thursday.

Hazen high school student, Matalyn Stromme and her mother, were in Anaheim, California, attending the FCCLA National Leadership Conference when the first 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck. Stromme recorded a video of staff announcing what happened.

"We have just experienced an earthquake, please stay calm and remain inside the building, be prepared for aftershocks," said a staff member over the intercom.

The Ridgecrest region has experienced more than 5,000 aftershocks since the initial quake on July 4th. At first, Stromme describes the experience as dizzying.

"She said '"I feel really dizzy, I feel like something's wrong"', and she was going to sit down and then I realized she wasn't dizzy are whole hotel room was swaying," said Heather Stromme.

Matalyn Stromme was one of three Hazen students to win gold at the FCCLA conference. They say the earthquake is something they'll never forget.