'Have a Heart' food drive wraps up in Minot

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MINOT, N.D. - The ‘Have a Heart’ Food Drive kicked off last month, in efforts to fill local pantries for those in need.

The Minot Area Homeless Coalition and the Minot Salvation Army collected donations at drop-off locations around Minot Thursday, including the KMOT-TV station.

Twenty-eight days of donations, and while the KMOT studio appeared to be full, the accumulation of items won't last very long.

“It'll probably last us about two weeks,” said Tressie Lamers, the social service director for the Minot Salvation Army.

Through the ‘Have a Heart' Food Drive, pantries around town, including area churches, The Lord’s Cupboard and Salvation Army, will receive the donated items that have been collected at ten drop off locations.

“If it was me and I walked in for help, I'm hoping and praying that they have something to give me,” said Mac McLeod, the executive director of the Minot Area Homeless Coalition.

The need for donations is continuous, and although the drive is over you can still help fellow community members.

“This is a way for people to give back and restore our pantries and help so many people,” McLeod said.

“We see all types, from single transit people just passing through who need a day’s worth of food to continue on, families with small children, to the elderly who are living on a fixed income,” Lamers said.

Helping a variety of people through community action.

Menards is the only location that has extended their involvement with the ‘Have a Heart’ Food Drive. You can drop off your donations through March 31.