Harvey community reacts to devastating fire

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One of Harvey's oldest businesses was forced to shut its doors after a fire consumed the building.

Blaine and Sandy Mack launched "Mack's Farm & RV Center" more than 50 years ago. Last Thursday they looked out their front window to find their business in flames. Ashes, charred equipment, and the lingering smell of smoke are all that is left of the Mack family business.

“It hurts to see your whole life go down in smoke and fire,” Blaine Mack told Your News Leader.

The business, which debuted more than half a century ago, now sits in rubble. The fire started Thursday and continued into early Friday morning. The Harvey Fire Chief says crews had to shuttle more than 115 thousand gallons of water to the scene in below-zero temperatures.

"They had 50 something firemen out here from Harvey, Anamoose, and Fessenden. They tried everything to save it they just couldn't save it," Mack said.

The Macks said they loss at least 700 thousand dollars of equipment in the fire, along with some important documents.

"We went into Minot Saturday to by paper, pencils, erasers, the computers gone," Mack said.

Some family friends have started reaching out to offer supplies.

“I have a retail farm supply store so I just gathered a few things that I knew he could use," David Lautt, a family friend told Your News Leader.

Blaine and Sandy Mack said they cannot thank the fire crews enough for doing everything they could. But now, they're trying to accept the devastating loss, and figure out what's next.

No one was hurt in the fire. The Harvey Fire Chief tells me the cause of the fire remains undetermined. The Macks told Your News Leader they have begun working with their insurance company and have been cleared of any speculation of arson. The couple believes they will be reimbursed for much of the loss, though they currently have no plans to rebuild.