Harmony Stables hosts different kind of Oktoberfest

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BISMARCK Another kind of Oktoberfest was underway at Harmony Stables October 15.

From Superhorse and Bat-horse to a clown and a bad-horse. Kids and equines were decked out for a spooctacular spectacle.

"It's just fun having a bond with a twelve-thousand pound animal," said Katherine, a volunteer at Harmony Stables.

The Harmony Stables oktoberfest involved a costume contest and games for kids.

"it's a lot of fun. You get all different personalities and learning how to work with the different personalities, the more timid to the more bold, it's great. It's really rewarding to see them change and learn, and learn to love horses," said Lindsay Bofenkamp, a Volunteer at Harmony Stables.
We asked Katherine, what it's like to ride her horse.

"It's really nerve-wracking when you do barrels and stuff, but when you go out there you forget about everything and you just do it, and it's really fun," said Katherine.

The money raised from the events today will go towards Heart of the Prairie, a nonprofit that provides scholarships to Harmony Stables for those that can't afford it.

For more information about Harmony Stables you can go to their website at: harmonystables.com