Halloween spending hits record high

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Halloween is only a day away and people are doing their last minute shopping to get the best decorations, costumes, and candy.

But how much do people tend to spend on this holiday?

According to the National Retail Federation, the total amount people spend during this spooky season is forecasted to reach a new high of $9.1 billion.

Buying the best and scariest costume is the number one Halloween expense people spend money on this time of year.

"People are spending on average just over $86 for Halloween candy, costumes and decor. The order in which they spend that is first on costumes, they're spending the most on costumes," said Sarah Kotelnicki, Kirkwood Mall marketing director.

This year, super hero costumes are the most popular to wear, for both adults and children.

"I get to help little kids find the costumes they love and make sure it fits them right. It puts a big smile their face and it just makes me happier," said Ben Haley, manager of Halloween Bootique.

Kotelnicki says the next Halloween expense people spend the most money on is candy for trick-or-treaters and decorations for the yard or the house.

"Two to three hundred dollars on costumes, candy, just random stuff to display like decorations around the house," says Naomi Riddle, resident.

Retail stores in Bismarck like Halloween Bootique are helping customers celebrate in style with a huge selection of costumes.
The Bootique is open until Nov. 1 at the Kirkwood Mall.

NRF's annual spending survey says 37.5 percent of consumers will find their costume at a Halloween Store.