Group of teachers holds themselves to a 'Higher Standard'

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Teachers often say they are called to teach, but it is a job that can wear you down.

One group of educators in Bismarck has found a way to connect, and to hold themselves to a “higher standard.”

Once a month, these teachers and aides gather outside of school.

“We come together, we pray for our students, our families, our community, administrators, anyone who deals with kids. It’s a hard job every day,” explained Kenda Crane, a first-grade teacher at Will-Moore Elementary.

They pray and they support each other.

“It’s great to be with people who have the same faith of Jesus and that we can come together and pray for each other’s needs and reach out to each other if having difficult days and times,” said Kelly Crawley, an aide at Miller Elementary.

And they celebrate when prayers are answered.

“It’s makes you feel like you’re a part of something bigger,” said Jill Vallejo, principal at Lincoln Elementary.

That something bigger is this group, called "Higher Standard.”

“Higher standards prayer group is very fitting for teachers,” said Crane, one of the group’s founders

They’ve been gathering monthly for the past year. Meetings are short; 45 minutes or less. The group is open to teachers, aides and anyone who works with kids. So far, educators from 10 different schools have been a part of the group. Their main goals: building connections and positivity.

“When you give, give, give to the kids, you wear yourself out. Having a group to bring you back up, helping you keep the right things focused. This group keeps the positivity on your mind,” said Vallejo.

“We all leave really refreshed,” added Crane.

Refreshed and ready to hold themselves to a higher standard.

Higher Standards meets once a month. The next meeting will be Feb. 24 at 4:30 p.m. in the Bismarck Public Library. You can learn more on their Facebook page, Higher Standards Prayer Group.