Groove Salon Opens in North Bismarck

Published: Oct. 17, 2019 at 4:51 AM CDT
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There's a new salon in north Bismarck for those in need of an edgy cut or color.

Kayla Rafferty and Hannah Jirges have been working as cosmetologists for years. In August, the two joined forces to open Groove Salon.

"We just really wanted to show, together, our eccentric kind of style and incorporate that in the services we provide," says owner and cosmetologist Kayla Rafferty.

The pair made an eco-conscious effort with their salon. Rafferty says their products are cruelty free, and all the decor is up-cycled.

The girls say inclusivity is one of the most important things about their salon.

At a previous job, Rafferty says she ran into an issue with a woman who was non-transferable from her wheelchair.

"She had been denied. Every single salon she called told her that I'm sorry we can't do your hair because there was no way to lean her back and rinse her. And Hannah and I just went and we made it our mission," Rafferty says.

The girls invested in wheelchair accessible shampoo stations so everyone would feel accepted and leave their salon with what they came for.

Above all, the pair are passionate about what they do.

"When I do haircuts I see geometry like swarming around my clients hair. So, it's definitely like a form of art but almost like a form of math and science that is going on within my mind. And I think it's a matter of with Kayla too. She sees all these different colors and all these placements within someone's head as well," Jirges says.

They say their goal is to help everyone that walks in, walk out feeling like the best version of themselves.

Rafferty and Jirges are currently working on expanding their space to provide more services.

To learn more, you can visit their Facebook page by searching "Groove Salon."

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