Grill fire destroys Dickinson apartment

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A mother and her child lost their home after a fire burned through their Dickinson apartment June 8.

The cause was an unattended grill.

Fire officials say the mother went inside to change her baby's diaper. When she looked back outside, the grill was flaming.

The fire spread from the first floor apartment to the uninhabited second floor.

Fire Marshal Mark Selle says the cause of the fire was a malfunction in the grill. He says the grill was also too close to the home.

"When you're grilling, you want to make sure you keep your propane grill at least three feet away from anything, including your house shrubs. Anything that can burn, anything combustible. When you're using a charcoal grill, you want to be at least 15 feet away from anything and be on a noncombustible surface," says Selle.

Visit Dickinson Fire Department's webpage and Facebook for more tips on how to prevent fires this summer.