Great American Spit Out Day encourages smokeless tobacco users to quit

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Great American Spit Out is an annual effort Thursday to encourage smokeless tobacco users to quit, and discourage the youth from starting.

According to, smokeless tobacco use among females has remained low throughout the years. But among males, use decreased during 1986 through 2000 but has been increasing since then.

The Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health Department is encouraging people to quit using.

"Everyone needs a goal to work toward, so just that day, either they can set that day for I'm going to quit tomorrow or kind of make a plan for quitting. To just really encourages those who are using and who want to quit to give them a little boost that the community is behind them," said Jordyn Schaefbauer, tobacco prevention specialist.

According to the North Dakota Youth Risk Behavior Survey, smokeless tobacco use in high schoolers is down since 2015.