Grant to help upgrade state's 911 services

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Since the advent of wireless phones, 911 dispatchers have been facing challenges in accurately locating callers. A $1.47 million grant is going to help upgrade 911 service across North Dakota.

When you dial 911 you expect that they know where you are immediately, but since the advent of wireless phones that's not always the case.

"They've become a lot more dependable, but not as maybe accurate as say what one might think with an Uber location, or like you see in Google Maps," said Jason Horning, Next Generation 911 program manager.

One of the goals of the grant is to build better connections with telecommunications companies.

"So we're trying to improve that and close that gap so that what the public expects out of their application on their phone and what they expect out of 911 is on the same page, and there's a lot of work that is going on not only in North Dakota but across the country," said Horning.

They're also setting some new training standards statewide for 911 dispatchers.

Central Dakota Communications also wanted to add that texting 911 is an option for those that can't call in an emergency.