Grant provides AED's for Ward County Sheriff's Department

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MINOT N.D - "Twenty-six, twenty-seven hundred dollars an AED. Give or take," said Detective Keith Miller with the Ward County Sheriff's Department.

That's the cost of just one defibrillator, commonly referred to as an AED.

But, this isn't the first time AED's have been provided to the Ward County Sheriffs Department thanks to the Saint Josephs Community Health Foundation.

"Our very first grant in 1998, was a little over twelve thousand dollars for four defibrillators to go into the sheriffs vehicles," said St. Joseph Community Health Foundation President Shelly Weppler.

AED'S are important for officers to have because most times, they're the first to arrive on the scene.

The Sheriffs Department says they're grateful for the long lasting relationship with this organization.

"When the need does arise to be able to need one, it is nice and beneficial that we are able to have them and it's because of the St. Josephs community foundation," said Miller.

Providing first responders with the tools they need, to protect and serve their communities.