Grant County restaurant options double in 2017 with Lets Eat Cafe

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GRANT COUNTY, N.D. - It was a good year for folks in Grant County, N.D., who like to eat out in 2017. Their restaurant options doubled this past year.

The "Lets Eat Cafe" is one of only two diners in the rural county.

Phillip Sprenger rolls out of bed at 3 a.m., and bakes his way into the hearts of this rural community.

Philip and his wife Marissa recently opened up the only cafe in town.

"It's nice to have a place to come to at least to have a good lunch, just to go out and visit with friends, A place to gather for coffee," said Carrie Roth, New Leipzig.

The Sprenger's have never run a restaurant...nat sound of donuts in plastic bag....but decided to give running a small business a try.

This couple is rising to the occasion, thanks to lots of on the job training.

Donuts are the house specialty.

"We average 80 to 100 donuts a day, and on Saturday it can go over 200, over 250," said Marissa Sprenger, Lets East Cafe.

That adds up to almost one donut for every person in town.

The "Let's Eat Cafe" is truly an old fashioned family business.

Fourteen-month-old Namoi Sprenger scoots into work with her parents before the sun comes up.

Their other children help out as cooks and waitresses.

Maissa takes care of all the decorating.

"Their delicious, they taste good, very good," said Jaden Kellogg, New Leipzig.

Regina Martin, New Leipzig: "The Bavarian and the raspberry and the blueberry..."

Regina Martin said: "Their hot and fresh every single morning, made from good ingredients. They're made the good old fashioned way."

Even though this cafe is the only place in town you can order a good hot meal, or donut, this community isn't complaining about it's eat out options.

The only other restaurant in Grant Count is the "Our Place Cafe" in Elgin.​