Grandparents, Jim Hill students enjoy special day

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MINOT, N.D. - Friday morning at Jim Hill Middle school was extra special today.
Candese Charles stopped by the school to capture the nostalgic moments of grandparents day.

It's not often that you see your grandparents in the halls of your school, so for Jim Hill middle schoolers Friday was extra special.

"It's a blast I love having them here, I had them last year during sixth grade and it's just been really fun," says Grace Rood, Jim Hill 7th grader.

"It's really fun cause I get to see her more and you also get out of class which is kind of a perk," said Phyliss Long and Grace Kersten, Jim Hill Grandparent & Grandchild.

And while grandparents are known for dulling out goodbye kisses, supportive smiles, and so much more on this day, in return, their grandchildren show their appreciation.

"It's a day where they really make you feel important to your grandchildren," said Connie Rood, Jim Hill grandparent.

"We always have a good time, we always enjoy it, I'm glad they do it. I wish they did in the higher levels," said Jim Welke, Jim Hill grandparent.

"Yea, it's a good day!" said Rood.

That's why school librarian, Robin Fiddler, wanted to keep the more than two decade tradition going.

"It's a really worth while day. Our grandparents do so much for us and for the kids here at Jim Hill and we just want to honor them, take an hour and a half and honor them," said Robin Fiddler, Jim Hill Librarian.

And the grands don't only get to spend extra time with their grandparents they also learn a lot...even that grandma wasn't born with the name grandma.

"Well my grandma is still subbing and she's been teaching for a very long time," says Rood, Jim Hill grader.

"I don't know if they've been here really much this is their first year doing grandparents day," said Justin Molderhauer, Jim Hill seventh-grader.

The learning and fun filled day is something both students and grandparents can remember for years to come.

The day included a raffle, coffee and snacks, and the best part: pictures to look at later. The school says they plan to keep the tradition going next year.