Grand Junction’s SUBtember donates hundreds of subs in two weeks

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Grand Junction is celebrating the month of September by giving back to Heavens Helpers Soup Cafe through their SUBtember promotion.

For every sub that is purchased online, Grand Junction donates a sub to the Soup Cafe.

In the first week, Grand Junction gave over 150 subs and donated more within the second.

Owner Colton Shoults originally planned to donate the subs at the end of each week.

However the online orders were so overwhelming, their making deliveries to the Soup Cafe every day.

“We we're just surprised at how many sandwiches were purchased online, and that actually came out to too many subs to donate in just one day. So we've actually began to spread it out during the week and now were donating two to three platters of sandwiches every single day,” said Shoults.

The donation will run through the entire month of September at both Bismarck and Mandan locations.

All order can be made online at: