Grain bin safety

The North Dakota Firefighter's Association says during this time of the year, grain bin safety is a concern.

Rob Knuth, training director at NDFA says in the past 10 years, there's been about 7 grain bin rescues in the state.

He says he believes grain bin extrication and rescue is something every emergency responder should get training on.

"Never even knew it was an issue, I'm not from North Dakota originally but you know, you drive through North Dakota you can see the grain bins everywhere," said Chris Demello Rice, Bismarck Rural Fire.

Demello Rice says a class can last about 6-8 hours and says the most important aspect of this training is: "To be prepared for anything, really. We talked before that this could be just a recovery, we hope for a rescue, but sometimes were too late"

Knuth says the firefighter's association uses a scaled down version of what farmers or grain elevator operators would be dealing with and each responder is assigned to a different part of the rescue mission.

"The grain bin will hold 400 bushels. Right now we have about a hundred to do this demonstration, but typically we get anywhere between 350-400 bushels to get the realistic atmosphere of the rescue," said Knuth.

Knuth says rescuers need to understand that if they do not follow procedures, there is a good chance that there will be injuries.

Knuth says locals can call the firefighters association and emergency responders must request the class, but everyone is free to join.