Grain alarm system keeps farmers off towers

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MINOT, N.D.- Farmers can face many dangers in their line of work, one of which involves working with grain towers.

This week, in fact, a farmer in central Minnesota died after falling into his corn bin.

Farmers can risk injury falling off or falling down a tower trying to check grain levels, but one inventor is working to change that.

Featured at this year's KMOT AG EXPO was the Full Bin Alarm.

The alarm is placed at the top of grain towers and alerts farmers when the bin is full. This allows farmers to avoid potential injuries from climbing up grain towers and still allows them to keep an eye on grain levels.

The alarm's inventor, John Gehrer, is a farmer himself, and came up with the idea while working on his own grain bins.

Gehrer has been an exhibitor at the KMOT AG EXPO for the past 13 years. He says his product has received positive feedback from farmers.