Graduating Minot High Students Head Back to Elementary School

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MINOT, N.D. - Whether you are graduating college, high school or 5th grade, it's a big deal. You start looking back on all the memories you have made and the people you've met. For Bel Air Elementary School, they welcomed back some special alumni.

Jumping off the school bus isn't out of the ordinary, but this time these graduating Minot High seniors are headed back to their elementary school.

All of the students gathered to welcome back the alumni.

"They are the Bel Air Elementary 5th grade class of 2012,” said Principal Corey Thorson, Bel Air Elementary.

The seniors had the chance to inspire the next generation of Bobcats.

"The hard work pays off. Right now I think it is hard for them to understand that they have seven years left of school, but there are so many awesome things that they can look forward to for that. You have to put a commitment towards it, you have to work hard if you are going to achieve this level. But it really is a celebration of what we have all started here in kindergarten and moved all the way up to seniors,” said Thorson.

The graduating 5th graders ask the seniors for advice:

"Did you have any struggles in school? And if so how did you overcome them. And my other question was what does it take to make it to graduation?" said Bree van Bibber, 5th grade student.

Van Bibber says it was really exciting to hear what they had to say.

"To graduate you have to be dedicated and ready to work hard where you can,” said a graduating Minot High student.

For one graduating senior, the trip to back to her old stomping ground meant getting to share it with family!

"Josh Folk, you guys probably know him and my mom is actually here too!" said Abby Folk, graduating senior.

A special moment to end the day.

All the Bel Air students and the alumni joined together in song, reliving old memories as the seniors head on to the next chapter of their lives.

After the school assembly, the Minot High seniors got to find their old teachers and walk the halls of their old stomping ground. Bel Air has 40 alumni graduating Minot High this spring.