Governor Burgum signs executive order preparing for 2020 Census

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The year 2020 isn't just a presidential election year, it's a U.S. Census year. North Dakota needs an accurate count to get millions of dollars over the next 10 years.

Governor Burgum signed an executive order today creating a task force to ensure a fair and accurate count for the state. The legislature put $1 million into the Census project and federal money will also be coming.

For every person not counted- North Dakota loses more than $19,000 over a 10 year span. Lt. Governor Brent Sanford- who saw rapid growth in Watford City during the last census- says all North Dakotans need to help.

“These population counts help us determine everything from where to build a bridge across the river to the best location to open a daycare. To accomplish this monumental task, North Dakota alone will need more than 3,000 census team members during the peak effort months,” said Sanford.

The Census will also have an effect on the state's legislative districts. Grand Forks Senator Ray Holmberg says legislative management will make a redistricting committee after next session and adopt any potential changes in October or November of 2021.

Holmberg didn't say how the districts will change or if there's a possibility of adding new districts. We won't know that until we get the data.