Government shutdown impact on Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa

BELCOURT, N.D.- We are continuing to follow the government shutdown and it's burden it holds on the state of North Dakota. As we all know, the shutdown is impacting the Country including the Indian Reservation.

Earlier Friday, we spoke with Turtle Mountain Chairman, Jamie Azure about how his tribe is feeling the heat.

He says it's not just the people it affects, it is also the economic development and revenue through the casinos that take a hit.

"We are at that tipping point right now I mean we have hit day 20 and now people are going to start getting worried and I think the general consensus was well it's not going to last this long and it's not going to go any longer and I hate to say even as legislators at the tribal level, we were hoping that was also the case," said Turtle Mountain Chairman Jamie Azure.

We will continue to follow the government shutdown and those it's impacting.