Government shutdown could impact your tax season

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MINOT, N.D. - Some late Monday afternoon news from Washington means this year’s tax returns could go out after all. According to CNBC, the White House is promising that federal income tax returns will go out. However, with only a fraction of its employees working, questions linger over whether the returns will be delayed. We spoke with a local tax agent on what taxpayers need to know.

During the shutdown, the IRS has lost funding and is operating with about 12 percent of its employees.

When it comes to filing your taxes, you should still file regularly and on time.

"If you normally come in the second week of January, come on in the second week of January. Go ahead and get it in, get it filed" said Tax Agent, Sherri Peterson.

The IRS typically begins accepting tax returns at the end of January, and early filers can see refunds hit their account as early as February.
But a delay in processing could result in a delay in your refund.

"We have never really experienced a delay to where it's returns aren't processing until March or April. We've never had that before. Is it going to happen this year? Who knows. It could. It's always a possibility" said Peterson.

You can visit the IRS Website to download all necessary forms to prepare you for your tax season.