Gov. Burgum visits Mott after tornado

MOTT, N.D. - Cleanup is well underway in Mott, where a tornado tore through town Friday night.

After a twister touchdown for on Mott for 8 minutes, causing residential damage, the Governor Doug Burgum proclaimed preparation and emergency response was picture perfect.

"When you see 250,000 bushel grain bins crushed in like a paper cup, then you sorta say 'wow' and you understand the power of the storm," Burgum said

Power was restored to the town by the next day, and city officials say the community's generous response played a key role in the quick turnaround.

However, preparation for the next storm has already begun, and it starts with the emergency siren issue. Mott's three sirens are manual and not connected to each other.

"We have one at the nursing home, one at the fire home, and I adjusted the fire home and the nursing home did theirs. And we have another one downtown that everyone can hear, but we have nobody to run it," Mott Mayor Troy Mosbrucker said.

Despite only two manned sirens, visitors attending the concurrent fair were able to find shelter at the Courthouse, avoiding any major injuries to anyone in the town. The Governor not taking that chance twice.

"It's one of those things where we're making a checklist of things we want to do to make sure that even things turned out miraculously well here, we want to be even better prepared if there's a next time," Burgum said.

Damage included toppled campers, fallen power lines, and uprooted trees. Cleanup has already been successful, and Mott is looking to make preparation successful as well.

During his visit, the Governor noted that the siren is a priority, and that state grants would qualify for such a project.