Gov. Burgum signs ‘Natalee’s Law’ Tuesday morning

BISMARCK, N.D. - Gov. Doug Burgum has signed into law a bill aimed to create more access and information for parents of victims in the juvenile court system.

Natalee's law was spearheaded by a Fargo mom who felt wronged by the justice system and says she was left in the dark about her 4-year-old's rape case.

The boy charged in the rape was sentenced to probation and therapy.
But Rosa Strubbe made it her mission to bring about changes.

Memories at the Capitol that the Strubee family will talk about for a lifetime.

And a little girl whose tragedy turned into a movement for change.

Natalee said, "It's going to help everybody."

A push to make a difference in the juvenile justice system.

Rosa Strubbe, Natalee’s mom, said: "This fight isn't over. I mean yes, we jumped a huge hurdle with Natalee's law."

And parents who quickly became advocates for their kid.

"Child victims they still need a voice. And parents need to step up and they need to step up and they need to their child," said Rosa.

A chapter for the Strubbe's that's coming to a close.

"The telling of the story has been awful. But the telling of the story has been so therapeutic," said Ryan Strubbe, Natalee’s dad.

This has left an impression on them but they've left their mark on the state too.

"She's helping so many more people than she'll ever know and that's just... that's made this whole thing worth it," said Ryan.

Along the way a friendship was created between the Strubbe’s...and a lawmaker.

"With an issue that is that private, you have to learn their story, you have to meet that family. You have to understand not only what happened but how its affected their life," said Rep. Ben Koppelman, R-West Fargo,

Koppelman says he would do it all again in a heartbeat.

The bill passed both in the Senate and House unanimously.

Burgum even made mention about it this morning to the family saying it's not every day he signs legislation that passes on both sides and both parties unanimously.

He thanked the family for their courage.