Gooseneck Implement hydro handle virtual reality set

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MINOT, N.D.- There are so many different machines to look at and sit in during the KMOT Ag Expo, but it isn't the same as driving them around in a field. One company figured out a way to get out in the field all while standing inside.

Here's how:

Gooseneck Implement set up a virtual reality headset for a new hydro handle inside a tractor. Customers put on the headset and simulate nearly the same experience you would have while driving the tractor outside. This way customers can get a feel for how the machine runs.

Gooseneck Implement Marketing Coordinator Heather Milbrath said not only is it accurate, it can also be used as a training tool.

"This is something we want to use in a lot of different applications both training customers, but also training our employees. It's a really great way to train our employees on the new technology before we actually get in the cab," said Milbrath.

Milbrath says many people have used the VR set to demo the tractor at the Ag Expo and have shown interest in the tractor after trying it out.