Good news, bad news for ND wheat farmers

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Farmers are climbing into their combines to begin harvesting their wheat.

The good news is that yields should be good this year, but the bad news is the market isn't there.​

The combines are hitting the fields as the wheat harvest gets rolling a couple weeks late in central North Dakota.

"This is the first field we've cut and so far we're very optimistic. It looks like a nice yield, above average," said farmer Rick Tweeton.

The NDSU Extension Service says farmers across the area have been echoing Tweeton's thoughts.

"What I've been hearing from a lot of the guys around this area is that they've been happy with the yields. It's been wet, so it's been really late getting started on it," said Rick Schmidt, NDSU Extension.

Even though yields have been good the market isn't supporting the crop. The price of wheat has been hovering around four dollars a bushel which for some farmers may not break even.

"Things are going in the bin and I think the doors are going to get locked for a while. You can have a bumper crop but with the prices of wheat that we've got right now you're still not going to make any money at it, and we've got to hope for a rebound over the winter," said Tweeton.

Schmidt says the late start is due to the wet weather and the late spring this year.

Tweeton says a trade deal and more export options would help. ​