Good Samaritan alerts neighborhood of fire

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Fire broke out this morning at a mobile home park in east Bismarck early this morning. By the time crews arrived the fire had already spread to another home.

No one was in either home when the first home caught on fire, but the neighborhood was alerted to the blaze by a good Samaritan.

Before firefighters rushed on scene to extinguish this fire, a different hero was trying to help save lives.

"An individual was here said that he had saw it on 16th street, the fire, called 911 came over, came around pounding on the doors and the walls and everything to see if anyone was home,” said Jon Miller, neighbor.

No one was in the homes so the mystery man took off once fire crews arrived, but the fire had spread next door to Jake Nies' home.

"I was at work and my old boss called me. He's like you're neighbor’s house is on fire and you might want to run home and check yours because the firemen said he had to go into your house," says Jake Nies, fire victim.

"Wind did definitely push the fire into the adjoining property," said Jeff Holte, Batallion Chief.

Bismarck Fire say no one was hurt in the incident, but neighbors were still thankful for the strangers quick actions.

"He stepped up and it's nice to see that somebody actually cared that much to take time out of their day, put themselves at risk for no reason no gain, nothing," said Miller.

While the fire damage in the first home was quite extensive, on the second home, it was limited to just the exterior.