Golf fundraiser for Bismarck basketball organization

BISMARCK, N.D. - As the Bears Tail Basketball teams continue to grow, so do the costs of operation.

The organization is expected to have 18 competitive traveling basketball teams, which will bring operating costs to more than $200,000.

Today's fundraiser at Prairie West Golf Course, will help purchase new equipment, supplies and uniforms for more than two hundred students in the Bismarck area.

Wylee Bears Tail says it's his way of giving back to children.

"I grew up here, born and raised here, so my family has been around basketball in this community. So, you know, we just want to give back and give kids the opportunities to play the game of basketball," said Founder and President of Bears Tail Basketball, Wylee Bears Tails.

Wylee Bears Tails was inducted into the Bismarck State College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2015.