Go Fund Me donations cause distress for veterans standing with Standing Rock

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Good intentions don't always turn out as planned. That's the case with a GoFundMe account set up to assist veterans who intended to come and Stand with Standing Rock.

The use of over a million dollars in donations is being questioned and former members of the military are upset about statements made on their behalf.

The population of the main protest camp fluctuates depending on many circumstances, with weather being one of the main factors. The camp recently saw a an influx of veterans due to the Veterans Standing for Standing Rock movement.

"There was an event for the gathering of Veterans. I thought this was the perfect chance for me to go. I've been wanting to go up there," said Griz Grzywa, U.S. Army Veteran.

Grzywa feels the two organizers of the Veterans Standing for Standing Rock took him and other former members of the military for a ride. Those who have served in the armed forces were invited to join the demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Veterans were promised their expenses would be reimbursed for coming to the camp.

"It was a logistical nightmare. After the blizzard in the casino it's like every soldier was fending for themselves," said Grzywa.

Grzywa says many of his brothers have not received the promised reimbursement from a Go Fund Me account that was set up for that purpose. Michael Wood is one of the organizers of the event, and in a statement he says, "The event is not even completely wrapped up, we still have people cleaning up from everything and needing supplies. We have already issued hundreds of reimbursements."

Another of Grzywa's points of contention comes from an apology that Wes Clark, Junior one of the other organizers made on behalf of all veterans.

"When he asked the veterans to take a knee and apologize. That should should come from the president of the United States. That shouldn't come from Wes Clark Jr. who is really nobody," said Grzywa.

Clark isn't apologizing for his apology and says, “You can't have forgiveness without confession."

Grzywa wants all veterans to be reimbursed.

Wood and Clark who are hosts and contributors for the news organization The Young Turks have received a lot of backlash over how the event was run.

Wood also added in his statement that, "There will be a complete audit, and transition to a nonprofit organization, but the mission has to actually be over yet."