Glencoe Farms encourages winter dog training

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Training your dog outside in freezing temperatures is not ideal, but teaching them inside where it is warm is.

Paul McGagh from Glencoe Farms says training your dog every day is very important, even if it is just for a few minutes a day. He says having them be active and absorb new information makes them be good.

During the winter people can become couch potatoes, but your dog has a different ideas. They want to run around and play outside.

Instead of going out in the cold, you can stay inside and keep your dog mentally engaged.

"There's a lot more stimulation outside, but when you can't go outside, inside is a great substitute," said Paul McGagh, trainer.

Even though there is not as much room in the garage or workshop, training can still be done.

"I build little platforms and boxes, and I get them to respond by going to sitting on a box or standing on a box. Then I'll add a second box and then they go box to box. Then I'll add retrieves where they retrieve box to box," said McGagh.

You can make the training as simple or as complex as the space and dog requires.

"They enjoy it, and they'll enjoy the anticipation just as much as they enjoy doing it. It's a very good thing to do," said McGagh.

McGagh says training your dog not only makes your dog happy, it also makes the owner satisfied.

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