Glen Ullin's 'Halloween House' attracts crowd

Published: Oct. 14, 2016 at 5:42 PM CDT
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Halloween can be an exciting part of the year for the people of Bismarck-Mandan. In the Capitol City, Horror On Harmon frights and excites, while, across the river, the Haunted Fort gives chills and thrills.

One woman in a rural community wanted in on the fun.

On Halloween night, ghouls, ghosts, an undead bride and even a singing pumpkin, take over Main Street in Glen Ullin.

"The kids call my house the 'Halloween House,' because there's not too many places in town here that do it. I'm the only one that kind of goes extreme about it," says Cindy Sturre, owner.

After setting up a few decorations a few years ago, Sturre caught the Halloween bug.

"Everybody decorates for Christmas around here, where I know there's not too many for Halloween," says Sturre.

It's no easy task to get these 23 inflatables all put up. In fact, Sturre says it takes her about a month and a half before all the decorations are complete.

"Watching kids go by here and the smiles it brought. They just thought it was terrific and that's mainly what I do it for is the kids in town. You know, they love it," says Sturre.

It's not just for kids though. Sturre says the house attracts children of all ages who stop and take pictures.

"I like it myself, and there's even adults that go by here, and they just think it's terrific," says Sturre.

Now Sturre just has to hope the wind doesn't blow the ghastly gargoyles and spooky spirits away on Halloween night. She says she's the decorations aren't cheap, but the labor of love is worth it.

Sturre says she goes bargain hunting every January to make sure the tradition continues to grow.