Giving Hearts Day Raises $16.2 Million

Published: Feb. 15, 2019 at 5:54 AM CST
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Giving Hearts Day, the 24 hour giving for more than 450 charities across North Dakota and Western Minnesota, ended last night at 12 a.m.

With more than $13.5 million raised last year, this event helps hundreds of charities cultivate awareness and donor relationships year after year.

Nicole Thompson, consultant to the Dakota Medical Foundation, says, "Giving Hearts Day really has been amazing as far as giving people a one stop shop... they can go online at and donate to the charities that they love."

Gerri Thompson, administrative assistant for North Dakota Assistive, has worked with the event since it first came to North Dakota and knows firsthand how Giving Hearts Day impacts charities like her own.

"There's nothing better than seeing your state get behind over 400 charities in our state to help continue their mission," said Thompson.

This year's goal was to reach 50 thousand donors.

The event reached over 30 thousand donors, and raised over $16.2 million for charities across North Dakota and Western Minnesota-- almost $3 million more than last year.