Gifted trees are planted for Arbor Day at Williston High School

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WILLISTON, N.D. - Friday's lesson for some Williston High School students involves the caring and planting for trees. Nearly 50 students came out to get their hands dirty to be one with Mother Nature.

"This is our first year at the new high school so yeah it's just an honor to for the city to plant some trees here and as I was saying in my little speech it's just a beautiful campus and adding more beauty with these ornamental trees it's an honor," said Jason Germundson, Williston High School principal.

City Mayor Howard Klug had the honor of opening this year's celebration. Three fourth-graders in the crowd were also recognized for their hard work in winning this year's poster contest.

"I just thought of things to draw and drew it as best as I could," said Allina Rodriguez.

"She never ceases to amaze me every day," said mother Melanie Rodriguez.

With so many tree options to choose from, it was obvious to foresters on what the perfect tree should be.

Linden's typically do really well in Williston. Although we don't have really, good soil, Linden's do well. We've planted some Linden's around the City Hall close to 35 years ago, says Bruce Johnson, City Forester.

National Arbor Day is commonly observed on the last Friday of April, but folks say the celebration can be observed anytime.

"We've had trouble in the spring and we actually had Arbor Day in September one year because of the Spring We had. We just couldn't get the trees planted," said Johnson.

Though Arbor Day is being celebrated later than most states, it's never too late to show love and appreciation toward the community.

Two Harvest Gold-Mongolian Linden-trees were planted today at the high school. This was the community's 36th year celebrating Arbor Day.