Giant pump installed for Minot flood project

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MINOT, N.D.- The flood wall along the Souris River is looking more complete by the day, but that's not the only strategy the city will use to keep the water off land.

The first of four vertical turbine pumps is being installed at the pump station north of the Broadway Bridge. This pump was placed in a hole that goes twenty five feet deep.

Each of the four pumps moves water at 180,000 gallons per minute, enough to fill an entire Olympic-sized swimming pool in four minutes.

Combined, these pumps will make one of the largest storm water pump stations in the state.

Minot Public Works director Dan Jonasson compared these pumps to another station being built in town.

“The Perkett pump station that we started up under phase MI-2, 3--that's about a 45,000 gallon per minute pump station. That takes care of the runoff over there. So basically you have as much capacity in one pump here as you do in that entire pump station,” Jonasson said.

The four pumps costed roughly $1.6 million, around 10 percent of the entire pump station bill.

Jonasson said the pump station should be complete by this time next year.