Getting back in shape after the holidays

BISMARCK, N.D. - This is the month for resolutions, especially losing weight and getting in shape. But a lot of people quit when they realize how much time and dedication it takes to succeed.

Getting fit again after the holidays isn't always easy, but it can have some big rewards.

Some of us avoided the gym during the holiday season, and instead eat a lot of food at Christmas parties with family and friends. All of that can lead to being an unhealthy weight.

"With weight, you have further risk factors. You have more problems with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol. That of course turns into more heart disease, more risk of stroke and even cancer is a high risk with weight," says Dr. Eric Thompson, Sanford Health.

Fortunately, there are three low impact exercises that can help you get back in the groove.

"Whenever I tell people that if you can't get exercise in, then it's great to at least do these three exercises because it gets all the muscles in your body going, which leads to be being more efficient, and it's a total body exercise.

So you're going to first start with them up at your shoulders and you're going to squat and press. And so this is using the legs, really challenging your posture and then doing your shoulders as well. So it kind of gets a little bit of everything. So you're going to hold them up and really sit back, weight in the heels and then stand up and press up. It's often challenging for people to keep their chest up like that. We're always so forward folding at desks and things like that, that's a big thing we try to work on. Gets us strong, stronger core, stronger back.

Squats are often done wrong, so people with knee pain are often shifting forward, so even for you sitting further back weight in the heels. Working more of the hips and glutes and not the knee joint itself. We want the knee to open and close and not grind. That's definitely our biggest focuses.

Taking it a little differently, we're going to turn it into a lunge and a curl. So you just step back with one foot and kind of bend down. Once you're down, you curl. We're working the arms and the legs. You can always try to do 10 each leg. If you were just to do three exercises trying to do two rounds of 10 or maybe 15. You can also do lighter weights, more reps things like that.

Then the final one would be stepping wider a little bit, bringer the weights together, holding two weights together kind of works the chest a little bit.

These squats are looking good. Sitting nice and back. We don't want the knee to come forward," says Tanna Trotter, Proximal 50 Life Center.

Exercise isn't the only thing you need to become healthy. Experts also say that a good diet will help shred those holiday pounds.

Before you start working out, you should contact a doctor to make sure you're healthy enough for vigorous exercise.