Get to know Minot District 5 Senate candidates

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MINOT, N.D. - With Election Day coming up, KMOT spoke with both candidates from the District 5 Senate race.

Photo courtesy: Randy Burckhard and David Haugen

Here is what you need to know about these candidates before heading to the polls on Tuesday.

First is the Democratic Senate Candidate David Haugen. Haugen was born and raised in Minot on a farm just outside of town, and he graduated from Minot State University. He says his main issue is the high property and sales taxes. Haugen wants to support the local public schools with their need for space and funding. He also says he wants to help get services for mental health and addiction.

“You know we need to take care of people. My experience as a mental health counselor, that's been my work trying to help people solve problems. You know we have a lot of problems with people that are in need. We have 55,000 people who suffer from hunger. We have 40 percent of our people that live from pay check to pay check,” said Haugen.

We spoke with Sen. Randy Burckhard, R-Minot, next. A Minot native, Burckhard has been in the state Senate for two sessions. He says that he is a very approachable Senator, which allows him to connect with the community and constituents. He has been active in the Minot though the Chamber of Commerce, Task Force 21, the chairmen of Minot Area Development Corporation, the United Way, and the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Burckhard entered politics serving on city council before being elected to the state Senate He wants to continue K-12 funding and college education, the Souris Basin flood funding as well as the NAWS project.

"Becoming a more military friendly status state. We have a lot of military presence here and we are glad when they serve here but if they retire here we want to give them opportunities to stay here. Both tax advantages and reasons to help us because we have a lot of work force issues in this state,” said Burckhard.