Gateway to Science hosts Girls' Engineering Week at Bis-Man middle schools

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MANDAN, N.D. - It's Gateway to Science's Girls' Engineering Week at Mandan Middle School, where the sixth grade girls competed in challenges related to STEM fields to win prizes.

The students at Mandan Middle School pick up their supplies to start building their STEM projects.

They're teaming up to build and learn the engineering aspect of each project, learning how to make a paper car move by using lifesavers, straws and hot air.

"We're learning how to build things out of scratch and design them just using our minds," says Mya Sheldeon, participant.

The week is designed to help get the girls interested in becoming an engineer.

"You can just see that they are into it, they're excited. There's a lot of noise behind me and, so they are just having a great time, and they've come up with some really fantastic ideas," says STEM Leader Melissa Hendrickson.

Learning to be an engineer for a day is 'awesome and really exciting' said a couple of students.

The students raced the day away, blowing their cars across the finish line to boost their scores in hopes of winning the grand prize at the end of the week.

The Gateway to Science Girls' Engineering Week goes on all week in the Bis-Man middle schools.