Gas line hit in Minot Downtown construction area

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MINOT, N.D. - Tuesday evening a gas line was hit in the Minot Downtown area on First Street.

Keller Paving was pulling out the foundation for a light pole when the surrounding concrete pulled up a gas pipe and broke it. Montana Dakota Utilities and the Fire Department were called down to the site immediately. It took the two departments nearly an hour to turn off and cap the leaking pipe before starting to work on the damage.

Two office buildings in the area had minor affects, but besides the smell, no damage was done to any buildings or people in the area.

"There's an additive added to natural gas to odorize it, and you're gonna get wafts of that as the wind directions change. But, everyone's removed far enough that there shouldn't be any kind of problem with it," says John Hocking, Minot Fire Department Battalion Chief.

Keller Paving says that this will not slow down the downtown construction project.