Garrison WWII Veteran reunited with dog tag 75 years later

GARRISON, N.D. - A World War II veteran from Garrison has been reunited with his dog tag after 75 years.

"Greetings to you sir all the way from Papua New Guinea," said Charles Boger, reading from a letter.

This is the moment 97 year old and WWII Veteran Ed Boger was hearing from the other side of the world.

"It is with great pleasure to write to you," said Charles Boger.

Last year, Kenneth Muo from Papua New Guinea​ reached out to Ed's son Charles through Facebook about a lost item...from 75 YEARS ago. And in June of this year, Charles surprises his father surrounded by family.

"Your dog tag....oh...Oh my god!" said Ed Boger, WWII Veteran.

The emotional moment bringing tears to the family's eyes.

Boger, a Garrison native thinks he lost his dog tag during the battle Battle of Driniumor River in 1944.

"We wore them all the time... and when I didn't have it, I just thought 'I didn't know where it was,'" Ed Boger.

Boger, joking during our interview, said the camera tripod reminded him of his service weapon.

"My machine gun [tripod]," said Ed Boger.

Boger, is grateful Muo thought enough to look for the owner of the tag and wants to take a trip to New Guinea

"He's in New Guinea. Oh he's in- I want to go over there," said Ed Boger.

To meet a new friend, separated 7,500 miles, but brought together through the power of Facebook.

Boger served in the 112th Calvary Regiment of the Texas Army National Guard from October 1942 until the war ended in 1945 and the man from New Guinea, Kenneth Muo, who found his dog tag, says the actual find was five years ago and only now was able to get in contact with the Boger family.