GYS Track Club turns strangers into family

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Getting back in shape isn't easy for anyone, but a new club in Bismarck is opening the doors to fitness for people of all ages.

They don't have a uniform, but they're a team.

They don't share a last name, but they're a family.

"How you feel when you leave here everyday is worth more than the running that we do," said Diane Bergquist, a member of the track club.

GYS Track Club is a group that meets every week... To run, to work out, to volunteer, and to support.

"GYS stands for get you some, okay. And it means get you some courage, get you some strength, get you some motivation, get you some results," said April Lund, founder of GYS Track Club.

Everyone is invited to join- from children- to people who can easily run a marathon.

"I have a disability myself from childhood to growing on up. Yet they include everybody, with all abilities, all ages. You're all welcome," said Debbie Scott, member.

Members say the results from joining the club are life changing.

"My husband and I, after being married for 32 years, we're doing our first 10k race together with our kids. And so never in my wildest dreams did I think we'd be doing something like that," said Mary Reiser, member.

But they say the connection that they make with other people is even more important.

"As you get older in life, trying to get out and meet people, it gets to be a bit more challenging. And this is a great group of people," said Patrick Nagel, member.

Leaving with a feeling that's more than physical.

A feeling that can't be replaced.

"Nobody can take it away. And what we put in is what we get out. And anybody can do it," said Lund.

GYS Track Club meets every Wednesday at 6:00 at the Bismarck State College community bowl.

GYS Track Club will be holding their first 5/10/15 K on August 26th.

Proceeds from the race will be going towards a scholarship for a local high school athlete who makes a difference in the community. ​