Fur Traders Rendezvous brings history to Life at the State Fair

MINOT, N.D. - No visit to the state fair would be complete without a stop at the Fur Traders Rendezvous.

The cool characters at the rendezvous take fairgoers back to the age of the pioneers.

History buffs have a home at the North Dakota State Fair.

The Fur Traders Rendezvous offers fairgoers a chance to experience life in the late-1700s and early-1800s, when American pioneers forged west.

The blacksmith teaches youngsters how to mold metal into everyday tools.

“We try to educate people, tell them a little bit about different aspects of history, maybe some things that people don't know about, and make it fun for them to come through here, and come and see what it was like back in the old days,” said Darrell Kersting, the blacksmith.

Across the way, a wood carver goes to work making the perfect instrument for a tune.

You can also take in a shooting demonstration, along with an axe-throwing competition.

No lavish hotels for the crew at the Fur Traders Rendezvous. Everyone who's here for the State Fair works, cooks, and eats on the grounds the entire time. They even sleep in teepees such as this one.

“They come back every year, and they're excited to see progress on whether it be canoe or paddles, or what new projects you're working on,” said Jeremy Duckwitz, the "brain tanner."

This tanner began work on his canoe at last year's state fair, but he brought it back to finish the job.

“I'm gonna seal it off with some pine pitch, turpentine, some bee's wax, and hopefully get her on the Missouri River here in August,” said Duckwitz.

Making history come alive at summer's biggest party.

The Fur Traders Rendezvous is across from the State Fair Center and is open the remainder of the fair from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.