From the Iowa Caucus to Election Day, campaign staff reflect on the process

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NEW YORK (GRAY DC) After 593 days of a spirited and sometimes bitter presidential campaign, the end is finally in sight. On the eve of the presidential election, staff members of the Trump and Clinton camps are reflecting on the process, from the days before the Iowa Caucus to the finish.

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get out the vote in the final hours of the campaign, it's their dedicated staff behind-the-scenes who are putting everything on the line to get them elected.

"It's a privilege to do this kind of work," said Lily Adams, director of state communications for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Adams has played a major role on Clinton's campaign throughout the entire process, relocating to Iowa ahead of the Caucus.

“I think those of us who have been around since Iowa, still feel so united by that experience of going through the caucus process," Adams said.

Now, she's based at Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn, trying to finish what she started.

"Obviously, if it was going to be easy to elect the first woman president, people would have done it a long time ago," she said.

Just miles away from Clinton's headquarters in Brooklyn, the Trump operation is based in Trump Tower on the Upper West side of Manhattan.
But you'll hardly ever find former Apprentice contestant and advisor, Tana Goertz there. She's traveling the country, trying to secure wins for Trump in battleground states, particularly in Iowa.

"I think I've been to maybe 20 of the 50 state," Goertz said. "Being the face of this campaign in Iowa, it's all on my back. I told Mr. Trump we were going to win this, and we have to win this.”

Goertz has worked with the campaign since day one, serving as Trump's Iowa co-chair before the caucus. Now, she's one of his top advisors.

"I've never lost sight of his talent and ability. I always knew he would do this. I've never wavered," Goertz explained. "I've said win, lose or draw, my loyalty to Donald Trump will never change.”

Both Adams and Goertz are about to witness this process come full circle, as the people make their final decision on election day.

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