From lawn mowing to snow removal

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BISMARCK, N.D. - ​In a matter of three days people have gone from mowing to snow blowing in the Capital City.

On Tuesday, Anderson Yardwork LLC was trimming lawns and by Thursday plowing driveways.

"It's throw the mowers to the back of the shop and pull the snow equipment out. Seeing this prediction about a week ago we had a feeling to go and pulled everything out of storage," said Cole Anderson, owner.

This is coming weeks before crews usually have to deal with the freezing weather.

"November 1 is typically when we have everything ready to go for snow removal. Coming into November we may or may not be trimming up bushes and shrubs, and just tidying up properties," said Cole.

Cole's staff is getting ready for whatever the weather brings.

"You've gotta get the job done. You can't help mother nature," said Shaye Anderson, operations.

"I've probably had over a hundred calls regarding just anything from mowing today to snow removal for this week to sprinkler blowouts to trimming shrubs," said Cole.

Skipping seasons without skipping a beat.

Cole recommends that if you haven't had your sprinklers blown out you should wrap the backflow with a towel to help protect the system.