Fox Island plan moves forward as residents raise concerns about project

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Fox Island's flood protection plan is one step closer to becoming a reality. The Burleigh County Water Resource District says it has all the easements needed to build a levee, however it won't protect every resident. Some residents, like Peter Massat, are being left on the wet side.

"We do not have flood protection if the levee goes through with the way it's planned. The levee would be in our front yard and we're opposed to that because it comes on our property, it doesn't do anything for us,” said Massat.

Massat is a new homeowner in the area. He says he understands what the risks of living with the Missouri River in your backyard can be.

"If you're uncomfortable with the flood risk in south Bismarck, there's plenty of places in north Bismarck where you can live and be protected from flooding,” said Massat.

The county says its struggling to get all of the temporary road easements it needs. Without signing them, property owners will not have their driveway fixed as the road is raised to become the levee. Greg Larson, the chairman for the Burleigh County Water Resource District, says residents will be unprotected another year and he's hoping it will be the last.

"We're a ways away. We want to go out to bid in the next two to three months and begin this year and complete it 2019. I don't think that's changed,” said Larson.

Before construction starts, the county engineer would need to sign off on the final construction plans. Larson said the final construction map should be finished within the next two months.