Fox Island flood protection

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Residents in South Bismarck will likely be waiting until next year before work can start on the flood protection that has been discussed since 2011.

The Burleigh County Commission tonight heard an update on the Fox Island Flood Protection Plan. They are working on the final easement and permissions to start the bid. The Fox Island project will raise a couple of existing roads by one to two feet. The project is also waiting on residents along the roads involved to sign temporary easements. Those that don't could be looking at up to a one foot drop off where the road meets their driveways. Currently 18 homeowners haven't signed.

"We have a temporary construction easement, we're willing to work with you on your driveway, on your property if you sign the temporary construction easement. If you don't sign that, then we can't do anything," said James Landenberger, Burleigh County Water Board Member.

The Fox Island project will complete a chain of dikes and levies that together protect South Bismarck, including a nearby water treatment plant.