Fort Abraham Lincoln viewshed

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MORTON COUNTY, N.D. - The Morton County Commission discussed a letter to the state parks department about supporting the Fort Abraham Lincoln viewshed.

The view is protected by a county moratorium that many forgot about.

"A moratorium cannot go into perpetuity. To have a more permanent regulation, now you're starting to cut into private property interests. Private property rights," said Andrew Zachmeier, commissioner.

Originally put in place in 2002, it restricts building within an area west of Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park.

The county is now looking to the state to provide funding for scenic easements for the landowners in the affected areas.

"As long as we're all of the understanding that if they do nothing we're probably going to lift the moratorium," said Bruce Strinden, chairman.

They hope to get the letter done in time for the next round of state budget meetings

Another public hearing on the issue will be held in March.