Former client donates bikes to Minot Community Action

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MINOT, N.D.- Many families feel the impacts of charitable organizations in our area.
Sometimes, those who've been helped return the favor once they're back on their feet.

Toby Phillips looks back on the time when Community Action Partnership in Minot helped him provide Christmas for his family.

“Literally didn't have any money for presents and community action literally came into action and guided us through,” said AGT Foods employee Toby Phillips.

Now he's paying that help forward by donating roughly 20 bikes that will help kids in need get to school this fall.

“There's a need in our community for our children and kids going back to school that they shouldn't have. There's still a need out there for back to school supplies and bikes,” Phillips said.

Those working with the partnership say this was more than just a donation, but proof that their work is building a stronger community.

“It's always nice to know that when we're able to help somebody in need, that they do remember us after we have helped them out and that they can pay it forward. By Toby doing this, it's been just fantastic,” said Community Action Partnership-Minot Executive Director Willy Soderholm.

Spreading joy for those in time of need.

Toby said he also dropped off several hundred dollars in gift cards to help families with other needs.