Former U.S Army Captain missing

A Bismarck native who now lives in San Diego has been missing for ten days.

Her family flew to California to search for her, and now they're asking for help.

Marcie, Julia Jacobson is a 37-year-old former U-S Army Captain.

She was last seen on September 2nd, in Ontario, California...through surveillance video police obtained.

A former U-S Army Captain.

And a loving sister.

Family members say Julia Jacobson made it home through two tours in Iraq... And they need her to make it home again.

"She was the backbone of my family when my mom passed away. She came back from North Dakota and worked remotely for 7/11 and took care of my mom," said Casey Jacobson, her sister.

The Dickinson born woman who now works in San Diego has been missing for 10 days.

Julia's sister Casey says it started with a phone call from her dad... Saying he hadn't spoken with Julia in days.

"My mother passed away from breast cancer in February, and since then, Julie has called my dad every single day," said Casey.

She wasn't too concerned... Until two co-workers also called and said they hadn't heard from her.

That's when Casey reported Julia was missing with the San Diego police department.

Casey, her brother, and father are currently in San Diego searching for Julia.

"she work's for corporate real estate for 7-11.The company knew that they had OnStar in her vehicle....Thursday mid morning, they found her vehicle about a half mile from her house....The car was unlocked, all the windows were down. The keys were in her car," said Casey.

Also missing... her dog Boogie.

"Our son is four years old and she would FaceTime him on a weekly basis to FaceTime with him and with Casey," said Casey's husband Chad Kuntz.

Brother-in-law Chad Kuntz says Julia is independent and strong... and wouldn't just disappear on her own.

"Her family is very important to her. She had no reason to do that. She had just accepted a new position in San Antonio. And was very excited about that new chapter," said Kuntz.

Julia is Julia is 5-foot-seven and 150 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Julia's family encourages the public to share and spread the word about her disappearance.

The facebook page can be found at this link: a href="​">​