Former N.D. Gov. Ed Schafer Endorses Burgum

Published: Jun. 7, 2016 at 3:29 PM CDT
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A former governor is endorsing political outsider Doug Burgum for governor.

Three Republican candidates are on the primary ballot next week.

Ed Schafer says he'll support Burgum because he is the conservative leader that this state needs.

Schafer also says Burgum reminds him of himself when he first entered the government system in 1992.

"I know what it takes to do the job," says Schafer.

Ed Schafer says he had to assess the states issues like government expansion or the budget to chose who he thinks is the best candidate.

"I kind of went back to me entering the system which was an outsider, a business person trying to bring the attributes of budgeting and administration and management to bear in the public sector," says Schafer.

He says he and Burgum have similar profiles and believes Burgum can boost North Dakota's economy and budget..

"Applying that profile to the issues at hand which are different in every single election cycle. I think Doug Burgum's background and abilities match the situation we're in today, better then other candidates," says Schafer.

A huge win for Burgum.

"Obviously very significant, Ed is a role model and a mentor. It's very exciting for the mayor of Watford City, Brent Sanford, and myself to receive such strong endorsement from you know such an important person in our state," says Burgum.

One of his opponents,Wayne Stenehjem, says he isn't worried.

"He's not going to beat me, we're going to win this election, we're in good shape. I think the endorsement game weighs very heavily in my favor," says Stenehjem.

The attorney general has a long list of endorsements which include Senator John Hoeven, Governor Jack Dalrymple and the official endorsement from the NDGOP.

However, Schafer says no matter which Republican wins they'll have his support 100 percent.

Burgum, Stenehjem and republican candidate Paul Sorum will all on the June 14 primary election ballot. Whoever wins will go on to compete as the republican candidate for governor in November.

Former North Dakota governor Ed Schafer is throwing his support behind North Dakota Republican candidate for governor, Doug Burgum.

In an ad released Monday night, the former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and interim president for the University of North Dakota says he knows what needs to be done for the state.

Schafer says he's endorsing Burgum, because he's the conservative leader North Dakota needs who will improve the budget and economy.

Tonight at 6 will have reaction from both republican candidates.