Former Minot International Airport Terminal demolition underway

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MINOT, ND - Demolition of the old Minot International Airport Terminal is underway.

The facility, which was built in 1991, started it's month long demolition process Tuesday.

The building will take three to four days to dismantle.

The $650,000 project is primarily funded by the Federal Aviation Administration with five perfect from the city and state respectively.

The city voted to demolish the structure after the new terminal was completed.

"This is a facility that a lot of people remember and have come to for many years for both good and bad. While there is probably some sentiment and remembered fondly, I think, we all agree that our new terminal is a lot more functional than our old one," said Rick Feltner, City of Minot Airport director.

There is no definite plan for the area after the demolition, but the city is considering a car rental facility as a front runner to be built in the old terminal's place.